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Hey Guy!

Hello, and welcome to the most AMAZING website ever!! Well, not the MOST amazing website ever, but its close! In the top 100, anyway. Ok, the top 1000. Alright, alright, I admit it, its not very good at all. But, well, I had a go.

Erm, Yes. So this is my website..... a whole chunk of webspace dedicated to the life of Owen! Thats my name, if you didn't know. I am fairly... well...... I like the term eccentric. In other words, completely insane! Muuuuuuuhahahahahahahahahahaha....... yes thats right im laughing at you, yes you, with the eyebrows. Don't think I can't see you! Im staring at you Right. Now.
Erm, yes, ignore all that....... ahem....... *straightens tie* To business. My website. As you will have noticed, there are a great many pages situated to your left <----- feel free to peruse these beautiful pearls of wisdom. There are a great many pages devoted to my many friends, if I have omitted anyone simply send me an angry e-mail and I will continue to omit you! hehehe, no, if I have missed anyone out then it will have been completely accidental and I am happy to add anyone that wants to be added! There are also many pages on my interests, and all sorts of random crap as well.
The pictures located to your right -----> are of what is in my opinion the most beautiful place in the world. Antartica. I plan to go there someday, I think it is just amazing. Yes, alright, and cold! Mostly amazing, the coldness is negligable. There is a page on Antartica, with some facts and pictures and just random chat. Check it out!
I have a guestbook at the top ^^^ which I demand everyone signs! *threatening poses* No-one has signed it for ages, it is quite sad. So fill it up! Even if you have signed it before, I dont care, go sign it! Right now! Now now now! If you sign it within the next 5 minutes you get a free bar of gold*. So go go go!
*Terms and Conditions apply. In other words, this isnt true.

Ok, well, the introduction is over. Stop fidgeting at the back! You are now free to head to any area of this website that you chose...... don't all rush.... it is interesting, honest! Look at the page on my Birthday, thats a good one...... erm..... or the vodka page, that is good too...... erm...... oh just go and look around!


Wow.... isn't it amazing!


New Stuff

This is where all the new stuff goes! Yay! However, I doubt VERY MUCH that there will be many, if any, entries in here, cos I won't be bothered. But, there might be. Who knows?

5/3/01 - The building began!

24/3/01 - Tripod give me back my website, after mistakenly BANNING me for a week. They CLAIM it was a technical fault, but, well, its hard to believe them.

31/3/01 - My counter went over 500!!! Yay!

16/4/01 - My BIRTHDAY!!!! Im 17!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

25/5/01 - The counter is over 1000! (Actually, it went over a thousand a while ago, but I hadn't noticed)

13/6/01 - I FINALLY get what is quite possibly the ultimate computer of all time! AND, it includes a scanner! So, watch out for lots of pics being added. My site's gonna ROCK now!

8/7/01 - Forget anything bad I ever said about Tripod. After having a terrible technical problem (and shitting myself because I thought id havta redo my whole site) I contacted Tripod, and those great chaps fixed it for me!! WOOHOO!!!

15/7/01 - Check out the WELL cool banner Holly made for me! Its like, incredible! If you ever wanna make a link to my site (this is aimed in particular to IAN, HANNAH, and HEATHER) then use this pic instead of a text link, so its SO much cooler!

16/7/01 - I won an award! Im not sure how good it is.... I expect they give them out to most people. But hey, its still an award! Woohoo!

11/9/01 - ..........

01/01/02 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

13/01/02 - I noticed today that my counter had decided to change into some bizarre advert. How rude. Maybe once the counter goes over 2000 it stops counting, and instead advertises itself.... hmmm.... well anyway, ive removed it now, only the official tripod advertising is tolerated on my site!

23/01/02 - The saddest day of my life.
01/04/02 - Happy Birthday to my website! It is now 1 year old.... how impressive, you wouldnt believe id keep at it for so long. Well, its certainly grown big and random, lol.... but im always looking for new pages so if you have a suggestion then let me know!
16/04/02 - Im 18! Officially an Adult! My good god.... scary thought. I can drink a bit easier now though, so all good. Happy Birthday to me anyway!
04/06/02 - I begin a bit of a re-vamp of my whole site..... ive noticed it has got a bit dated, so I am redoing it. Watch this space!

What a cool banner!!

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